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I’ve had the pleasure of having Joseph as a client for over 2 years now. Joseph has demonstrated to have a remarkable acumen in business. His ability to execute on an idea is impeccable.

One of characteristics I most admire, is his desire to help his business colleagues succeed. Joseph is always looking for a way to help you network with other people that could be beneficial to your business.

I would put my hand on the chopping block for this guy any day.

Ivan Ramirez

Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Advisor & Investor

Joseph hired my company, Capitol Media, to build Having worked with over 60 CEO’s, Joseph is a pleasure to work with. He remains calm under pressure, get things done and I never had to guess where I stood with him. I remember one incident in which he asked me to adjust our fees. The way Joseph asked me was clear and professional. It was a reasonable request and I agreed to it. I am not surprised that Joseph has built an impressive company.

Robert Landis

Equity Partner, Internet Marketing Company

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe on a variety of ventures. Joe continues to be a client of mine and I continue to be a client of Joe’s between our various business ventures.

He is always professional and mature, yet pleasant and entertaining to be around. As I’ve worked with him across B2B or B2C he is always prompt and efficient.

I look forward to years of mutually beneficial business being conducted with Joe.

Damon Burton

Founder/President, &